You just need a laptop.

All that’s needed to trade is a reliable internet connection, a home computer, laptop, or even a smartphone.

Get in on America's BIGGEST companies.

Trade the companies everyone's talking about for pennies on the dollar!

Grow a small account.

See how top students are growing small accounts into large ones from home (a 6-figure strategy).

Frequently Asked Questions

This is about trading the price action on big companies - without trading the stocks themselves. Instead, you’re simply buying and selling “options.” With this strategy, you can get in on companies that most people could never afford to trade.

You can get started with just a few hundred dollars, but the amount is up to you. You DO NOT need a lot of money to get started. In fact, top students are growing small accounts rather quickly with the right strategy.

In most cases, all that’s needed is an internet connection and the ability to access the American stock market. Many trade from home, while on vacation, and even on their smartphones.

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Regular people are using this to trade Apple, Tesla, Zoom, Beyond Meat,… and so many more companies. Again, the amazing thing is that you DO NOT need to buy these expensive stocks outright (you just need to trade the “options” on them).

The lead trainer here is Mark Croock. He’s made a publicly verified $2.5M+ trading over his career, mostly from his home in Miami, Florida.

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