Why I Love to Teach

by | Mar 9, 2023

As you know, it’s a huge rush to make a bunch of money on an options trade.

Marrying your trade thesis with your game plan, pulling the trigger at the right time, and then cashing in, is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

I love what I do. Trading is cathartic. Even when I take a loss, I relish the process and look forward to improving on my next play…

But there’s something I love even more than trading — teaching!

As much satisfaction as I find in nailing a solid trade, it can’t compare to the joy I get from watching my students grow and flourish.

Maybe it’s my paternal instinct kicking in. Just like watching my kids grow up and mature, I love seeing my students go from clueless newbies to full-fledged masters of the stock market.

But what makes a great student? How can you become one? And why do I love to teach so much?

Keep reading and I’ll show you…

I Learn from You (and You Can Learn from Each Other)

The stock market is incredibly complex. No matter how long you’ve been trading, there’s always more to learn.

You may think that, because I’m a multi-millionaire trader, I have nothing more to learn. But you’d be mistaken…

After all, there’s a reason that 91-year-old Warren Buffett is still reading and learning every single day — even with $100 billion+ in the bank!

Big picture: Trading is a lifelong journey. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the markets … there’s always more to learn.

I thought my life would be completely different after hitting the millionaire milestone. But much to my surprise, it wasn’t. 

Frankly, I STILL approach my trading the same way I did when I was a broke newbie … slow and steady, simple and conservative. 

And I think that mindset has helped me grow my account exponentially over the years.

These days, I think I learn as much from my students as much as you learn from me…

Having a diverse student body gives me a unique perspective. I’m able to coalesce all of your opinions and consider them carefully.

How to find 3x, 5x, and 10x price explosions before they happen

What if you could locate stock price explosions of 3x, 5x, and even 10x before they happen?

Even better…

What if you could pinpoint those ballistic price movements on repeat, over and over again…

I’ve done it for nearly 25 years!

And have since built a $7.4 Million dollar fortune…

In other words, teaching gives me a window into the minds of traders that most market participants don’t have.

And the best part is, since creating my Discord server, you can now look through that same window.

By embracing team trading and weighing the outlook of your fellow students on the Discord server, you might discover a perspective (or setup) you’d never uncover on your own.

And that’s an important step to being a great student…

What Makes a Great Student?

Not to toot my own horn, but my best trading students remind me of a younger version of myself … when I was a wide-eyed newbie in Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge.

I was obsessed and dedicated in a way most of Sykes’ students weren’t.

I wanted to absorb every piece of information I could, like a sponge. 

Now, I notice some of the traits that led me to success in some of my most promising trading students…

But my best students aren’t always the most technically savvy from day one. It doesn’t matter.

My top student, Jenny Smith, knew NOTHING about the stock market just two years ago. 

Now, she’s crushing the markets so consistently, her husband calls her his ‘sugar mama!’

When it comes to being a great student of the market, personality and mindset are far more important than specific knowledge or skills.

Here are a few of the commonalities I see among my best students:

  • Passion (and Dedication)

The journey of any future-millionaire trader always starts in the same place … with a genuine passion for trading.

Not only do my best students wholeheartedly love to trade, but they’re also dedicated in the way they apply themselves to their studies.

If you don’t have a genuine fascination with the markets, coupled with an unbeatable will to overcome the odds, you won’t make it very far in your career.

  • Risk Tolerance

Personal risk tolerance varies greatly between individuals.

We all know people that can’t stand losing money no matter what … and those people will never become excellent traders.

My most promising students start out with an important baseline of general risk tolerance.

In other words, they’re comfortable with risking their hard-earned money (and potentially losing it). 

  • Perseverance

As critical as these traits are, all of the passion and risk tolerance in the world will do you no good if you can’t persevere through the difficult periods of your trading journey.

This is a big reason why 90% of traders FAIL … they can’t stomach losses and make it through their downswings mentally unscathed.

So remember, success won’t be easy and your journey may be long and challenging. But if you have the ability to persevere through the ups and downs of being a trader … the sky’s the limit. 

Final Thoughts

I love being your teacher because it helps me become a better trader along with you.

I learned almost everything I know about the markets from my mentor, Tim Sykes. 

And now I have the pleasure of passing that knowledge down to you.

Meet Mark:

Mark Croock is a former accountant who after studying under Millionaire Trader Tim Sykes turned his small account into $4.11 million in trading profits by applying Tim’s strategies to options trading.

He started Evolved Trader to pay it forward and help other traders learn how to leverage options


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