It’s Official … I’ve Made $4 Million Trading!

by | Mar 21, 2023

Evolvers, I have an extraordinary announcement to make…

After a decade-plus of hard work, I’ve finally reached $4 million in verified trading profits!

I’m very proud of this accomplishment and grateful to have the opportunity to trade for a living.

But there was a time when this kind of success felt completely out of reach…

In 2010, I was a fresh-faced newbie in Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge with just $50,000 to my name…

Back then, I knew very little about trading. But Sykes identified my talent and I was lucky enough to be taken under his wing as his protege. 

After countless hours of hard work and studying with Sykes, something clicked…

Now, I’m making the kind of money most people can only dream of…

And today, I’d like to tell you about a few critical factors that helped me become a multi-millionaire options trader…

That way, you can enact these virtues into your own trading and potentially become better with your market strategies!

Keep reading and I’ll show you…

Studying Harder Than the Rest

When I joined Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge, I didn’t lazily approach the material and phone it in…

I was immediately hooked on Tim’s approach to trading, so I watched every single video in Tim’s library — THREE times! 

Then, I transcribed every webinar Tim posted, analyzing them over and over (even weeks after they’d been posted).

At the time, I was just doing what felt right and focusing on the content that fascinated me. I wasn’t actively trying to go above and beyond…

But in hindsight, I studied harder and more effectively than my peers, which allowed me to exceed their progress exponentially.

Bottom line: When you’re not trading, you should be studying!

No Gunslinging!

My conservative trading style has helped me survive through a variety of different market cycles.

I’m not a gunslinger. I never risk large portions of my account on any one play. And I sometimes go days (or even a week) without making a trade.

This occasionally causes me to miss an excellent trade, which annoys me…

Why can’t veteran trader Tim Bohen stop laughing?

He says he’s just identified the ultimate revenge trade…

And can’t wait to hear from the haters.

Last year, people who doubted him missed out on the opportunity to make EIGHT TIMES their money.

But I’d always rather miss a good opportunity than take a brutal loss.

Think about it this way … missed opportunities don’t hurt you at all. You have your entire trading career to make incredible gains.

On the other hand, a terrible trade can ruin your confidence (more on that later) … or worse, blow your account up!

Step back and consider how many years you have to build your trading account. Don’t take unnecessary risks that could endanger your prospect of doing so!

My 3 Most Valuable Trading Virtues

Above all, there are three critical trading virtues that have helped me make my fortune:


As a newbie trader, I’d hesitate and second-guess my trade ideas. 

But these days, if the chart pattern is perfect for me — I try to fearlessly pull the trigger. 

Note: I still miss entries and exits sometimes. You can never expect to trade perfectly.


Sometimes I had a good idea for a trade, but it wasn’t the perfect time to enter. 

These days, I strive for zen-like patience with my setups and picking the best time to strike. 

Note: As an options trader, timing is everything. Being too early (or late) is the same as being wrong!


When I first started trading, I was less picky with my setups and got into trades I should’ve avoided. 

Don’t be like young me. Tune out the noise and wait for ideal setups!

Note: Avoiding FOMO is a skill you must master.

Final Thoughts

If you think major success in the options market is impossible, think again!

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a clueless newbie with only my bar mitzvah money to trade…

Now, I’m a multi-millionaire for the reasons I laid out above. 

Harness these virtues and, one day, you could potentially find the success that others can only dream of!

Meet Mark:

Mark Croock is a former accountant who after studying under Millionaire Trader Tim Sykes turned his small account into $4.11 million in trading profits by applying Tim’s strategies to options trading.

He started Evolved Trader to pay it forward and help other traders learn how to leverage options


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