A Letter to My Younger Self

I’d like to try something a little different today. You’re going to love this… I started trading in my 20s, and believe me, I made A LOT of mistakes early on. Some are too embarrassing to even mention here… More than anything, I wish I could get into a time machine...

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4 Tim Sykes Lessons That Changed My Life

I remember it like it was yesterday… Starting as a wide-eyed newbie in Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge, there was a lot I didn’t know yet.  But once I discovered his "Pennystocking Framework" DVD, which details his 7-step framework … I was hooked, to say the least. Look,...

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Tackling the Debt Default Threat: Key Considerations for Evolvers

If the regional banking crisis and Fed policy weren’t enough to keep the market busy, a brand-new negative catalyst is getting the spotlight this week — the U.S. government debt ceiling. It’s ‘one thing after another’ in the stock market right now. If you don’t stay...

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Trade Smart, Trade Safe: 2 Crucial Tips for Trading This Week

Are you trying to gauge the market’s reaction to all of last week’s major news catalysts, and make good trades in the process? Well, we have a lot to talk about, then… After all, the regional banking crisis continued to affect a wide variety of stocks just as the...

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Friday Q&A — May 5, 2023

Happy Friday, Evolvers! If you struggle to enter and exit trades at the ideal time, or fail to identify key price levels on a chart … it’s time to pay attention. All of the research and due diligence in the world will be worthless if you don’t sharpen these skills. I...

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4 Ways to Trade Smarter in Today’s Crazy Market

This week is turning into a major event for several market-wide catalysts … and it’s only Wednesday! Yesterday, the regional banking crisis came back to haunt the market, with the S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA: SPY) falling as much as 1.4% intraday. U.S. regulators...

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The “3 Ps” Every Trader Needs

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it today, Evolvers… If you expect to win in the stock market without possessing certain skills and mental strengths, you’ll most likely fail on your mission. My trip to the millionaire milestone wasn’t quick or easy. Success didn’t happen...

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Meet Mark:

Mark Croock is a former accountant who turned his small account into $3.19 Million in trading profits using options.


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