Bounce Plays: My Current Strategy and Top Watches

Key Takeaways The secrets to scalping bounces on beaten-down charts... The indicators I look for in potential bounce play setups...  Why bounce plays can provide better risk/reward than the average long setup... I usually prefer to short the first red day on...

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Timing Is Everything

Key Takeaways Timing a trade incorrectly is the same as being wrong... Options trading can shine a spotlight on bad timing (and further emphasize the importance of good timing)... The specific contracts you buy can have a huge effect on the timing of your trades......

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The History of Options Trading, Part II

Finish the story! Here’s Part II of the complete history of options trading... From the open outcry pits to modern online trading... How the GME short squeeze changed the game forever... Hey, Evolver. You’ve heard me say it before — knowing your market history is...

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The History of Options Trading, Part I

Part I of the complete history of options trading... Did you know options trading went back THIS far?! And don’t miss the incredible weekend trading strategy Tim Sykes has used for OVER 20 YEARS... Hey, Evolver. You’ve heard me say it before — knowing your history is...

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First Red Day Lessons With ATER

What you can learn from the epic blow-off top in ATER... A breakdown of how blow-off tops lead to first red days... How watching price and volume can help Evolvers identify these moves on their own... Hey, Evolver. First, I’d like to mention that today is Yom Kippur,...

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3 Options Trading Strategies Every Evolver Should Know

Don’t sleep on these three useful options trading strategies...How non-directional bets and reducing time decay can expand your trading possibilities…Why these different strategies exist and how traders can weaponize them… Hey, Evolver. When trading common shares, you...

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UPST Breaks Down

A look at Friday’s nasty rejection in UPST...Going over the topping signs we can see in hindsight...How I might trade UPST puts — and how Evolvers can potentially capitalize on this setup... Going over the topping signs we can see in hindsight... How I might trade...

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Watchlist update: crypto, short squeezes + big pharma

Checking Up on My Weekly Watchlist My favorite plays from this week...The world’s biggest short squeeze, Reddit’s favorite pharma company, and crypto stocks...See how the charts developed, how my predictions held up, and the plans for my next trade... Hey, Evolver. At...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Options

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from students lately related to specific options trading topics. Some of these questions may seem basic, but I noticed many have been asked more than once. So it seems there may be more confusion around these concepts than I...

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Mark Croock is a former accountant who turned his small account into $3.19 Million in trading profits using options.


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